Short Stories

In this unit, we will explore the following essential questions:

  • What function do stories serve in our world?
  • What IS a story?
  • Why do we tell stories?
  • Why do we listen to/read/view stories?

We will look at a variety of texts that tell a story. The end goal of this unit is for you to create a story of your own!

Critical Personal Response to a Story
Geri’s Game – Mini Assignment
Plot Diagram Template
Story Elements Template
The Leaving Questions
Lamb to the Slaughter questions
Theme Notes
 Lamb to the Slaughter – Roald Dahl
The Leaving – Short Story
The Most Dangerous Game Story

“Addictions Dance” – So You Think You Can Dance

“Pretty” – Kati Makkai

“The Cancer Dance” – So You Think You Can Dance

“Geri’s Game” – Pixar

“Father and Daughter” – Michael Dudok

“Bad Blood” – Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar

“Blown Away” – Carrie Underwood

“21” – Patrick Roche

“To This Day” – Shane Koyczan